Welcome to Chatrine and Johan at Hemma på Hult

Hult has a lot of history since the farm is more than four hundred years old. It it a place were people has been guests since it became an inn November 13th 1754, but we have been told that it’s former owners also kept an open door for guests.

This is something we want to keep in our business, our heritage is something we value high. We want each and every one of our guest to feel really welcome.  We want our guest to feel welcome to spend time here at Hult – to live, to experience and to taste Hult.

We want to be a contrast to the big resorts were everything is perfect and all the same. We want it to be perfectly welcoming. We want you to come to a place where it’s easy to breathe, were it is ok to take it slow.We want you to find new experiences and taste new things. We want to show you what Hult tastes.

We want you to know and appreciate Hult as much as we do. It is as simple as that.

If you click on the picture below, you will get a little hint of Hult.