Activities at Hult

Experience nature around Hult
If you want to experience nature at it’s best you have come to the right place.
Our farm is located in a scenic area with lakes, magic forests and beautiful mountain areas. We also have several nature reserves nearby. We are located in the Östra Vätterbranterna, one of 7 biosphere reserves in Sweden, so there are plenty of unusual plants and places around here.

Lysings primeval

The memory of the first time we visited Lysing’s primeval forest is still very much alive.
”It was a sunny day in September and the moss was so light green that it almost felt enchanted. We explored the forest for hours until we settled on some fallen trees for lunch. Since then we have returned to the forest again and again. There is always something new to see

If you want to experience truly unspoilt Swedish nature, we recommend a trip to Lysing’s primeval forest. It is only 20 minutes by car or 70 minutes by bike from our yard. The road there is in itself worth the trip, beautiful rolling roads through a Swedish cultural landscape.
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On a high cliff with a wonderful view of Lake Noen, Count Per Brahe chose to build his hunting castle, Brahälla. Unfortunately he could not use the castle before he died in the fall of 1680. Over the years the castle has been exposed to both looting, weather and wind, but it is still a cool place to visit.

We offer you a wonderful package where outdoor activity is combined with castle lunch. In our opinion the perfect combination.

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Cycling at Hult

Three weekends fully packed with lovely roads, nature experiences, tasty local food, professional guide – we have made the perfect package for you.

Small groups will assure that you have the experience you have dreamt of.

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We can easily imagine the picture of how the flaming fire’s fluttering lights spred it’s red light towards the underside of the large rock block while an icy spring wind winds on the outside.
The tramp who spend the night and sometimes live here – what are they thinking about? Maybe they talks quietly about what has happened during the day, where they are going next or about life’s eternal issues? They probably fall asleep pretty soon after a long day along the roads.
When you live and walk on the narrow dirt road, with or without shoes – a life hard for us to imagine nowadays.
Join us on a cozy afternoon to Luffarstenen. We walk the old tramp road and visit the stone before ending the day with food by the open fire. We will tell you a story or two on the road.
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