We have now signed the best guide in our area and can offer you the best of the best of cycling.
We offer you both road cycling and mountainbiking. If you start from our farm you can go for miles on small quiet roads, try gravel roads or MTB. We are the perfekt start for miles on the smooth roads in Östergötland but also the more challenging hills in Småland. It is also close to the Holavedsled and Omberg that offers exciting MTB tours.

With his help you will find the hidden places and the routes that will both challenge you and show you the hidden gems. Martin is an experienced biker and know the roads around here very well.

He also knows all the best fika-places in our area, no matter what kind of fika you prefer, that’s important isn’t it.

We can also offer you a personalized route map if you want to go on your own, without a guide.

For now our offer is for you who come with your own bike.

If you want to know more, send us an email to info@hemmapahult.se or give us a call to +46721599199