We can offer two different halls for rent to a lovely countryside wedding party, company kick-off or why not – a midsummer party the Swedish way.

Our loft is perfect for the smaller company, between 10-40 persons. It is cozy with timber walls and high ceiling. It is also suitable for a wedding ceremoni.

Johans lada, our big hall is airy and spacious with timber walls and big windows. In here there is plenty of room for 25-60 persons including place for buffet table and/or a dance or two after dinner of you wish to.

You can choose to rent the hall with a base furnishing including tables and chairs or an all-inclusive package where you will arrive to a perfect set table and dinner with lokal delicacies.We can also provide you with a complete outdoor kitchen if you prefer to cook dinner yourself. We will solve pretty much whatever you want.

Wedding at Hult

We can arrange both the wedding and wedding party at Hult. We can arrange a place for an outdoor ceremony but our loft is also perfect for a wedding. With the wedding outside or on the loft we can arrange a romantic setting in Johans lada as you can se an example of in the pictures above.

If you want to marry in a church, Adelöv has a beautiful little church just 4 kilometers from our place. It is cosy and romantic and suits both small and big companies.

If you want to look at our place or have an offer – let us know.

You will find our contacts here.