You check in just in time for an afternoon fika, a fika basket will be ready and waiting for you.
When dusk falls, you are served a delicious meal with local delicacies at your tent or in Johan’s barn.

Since you have no kitchen in the tent, just relax, we take care of the dishes.

A walk in the forest, bike ride to moonlight dip, small talk…
The evening is yours – just yours!

When you get tired, you crawl into our comfortable beds, bedded with cozy duvets and comfy pillows.
In the morning we will serve you a fresh breakfast in a basket at the tent or at the café. We will fill the basket with newly baked bread, eggs and good toppings together with tea or coffee.

The feeling of a day out in the nature without the need of giving up neither comfortable beds nor good food – it is luxury for real.

Overnight stay including Swedish fika, full breakfast and dinner costs SEK 2560 for 2 people – if you want to book for one person it costs SEK 2100 SEK/ night.

If you want wifi you can stroll down to the café, it only takes a few minutes.

If you want to book or have questions, email or call +46721599199 and we will help you.