Lysings primeval forest

We still remember the first time we visited the forest… It was a sunny day in September and the moss was so bright green that it almost felt magic. We explored the forest for hours until we sat down on some fallen trees for a lunch. Since then we have returned to the forest again and again.

If you want to experience really untouched Swedish nature we recommend a trip to Lysings primeval forest. It is situated just 20 minutes by car or 70 minutes by bike from our farm.

Of course you can go there by yourself but you can also book a full day experience with a guide, Swedish newly baked fika and homemade lunch. We keep the pace you prefer.
Price for full day (6 h),2x Swedish fika and lunch is 2600kr for 1 person and 2900 for 2.
(Children between 6-12 is half price)
If you are a group, e-mail us at for a group price.

Read more about the primeval forest below.

Holaveden is the area just north of Hult. Here you find the nature reserv Lysings primeval forest. It is a very old and untouched coniferous forest where the forces of the wind and the fire left its clear mark. The primeval forest is perhaps the only known forest area in Östergötland where people probably never have intervened.

The primeval forest is hilly with numerous moss-covered hilltop tree trunks and boulders. As you wander along the path leading through the primeval forest, tall Pine trees rise in the mountainous regions. The nature here is magic. You can almost sense the apperence of the robbers who used to have this place as their home. These deep forest was the perfect place for hiding.

At least twice we know that forest fires ravaged the Lysing primeval forest. Traces of the latest forest fire are still visible in some places in the forest.

In Lysing’s primeval forest, there are plenty of forest birds and insects. On the ground you can find a flora with typical coniferous plants such as Linnea borealis, the flower that is the flower chosen as a symbol for Småland, our district.

If you want to book the Holavedsexperience check availability on e-mail to