Sustainability at Hult

Hult is a farm that has welcomed guests for a long time and that is our goal as well. We also want our activities to leave as little trace in our environment as possible.

One of our problem today is that the food grows far from the table were it is served. This is one thing we have decided to change. We are using a lot of local ingredients in our food, Most of it grows in our area and most of what we buy comes from local producers. We have some really good farmers in Småland. That is something we are proud of and we value them a lot. We want our food to taste like Småland and, most preferably, Hult.

Not throwing any food away is also a matter of care for our environment – what we can eat we shall eat. We are not there yet but very close. If you want to know more about how we work with sustainability in our kitchen, please ask.

We serve our food and fika on porcelain ( or wooden plates), not disposable plates and our cutlery is not plastic, this is to keep our waste to a minimum.

Another thing we consider important is not to waste water. For example, in our cottages, we have chosen to have smaller water heater – you can take a warm shower, but not for an hour. We use composting toilets were it is possible, why use drinking water to flush the toilet?

We have nice fresh spring water at our farm and that’s what we serve if you order water, not bottled water that have been transported hundreds of miles by car or plane.

Do you want to hear how we think about sustainability and the care for our environment – click on the picture below for a short movie.

We have clear goals for how we work with sustainability in our company – in all areas and we are grateful for tips and thoughts. This is an active process that is not done yet but we have put it in our agenda and it feels very good.