Sustainability at Hult

Hult has been a place that has welcomed guests for a very long time. We also want our business to leave as little trace as possible behind. So how do we combine those tings?

As we see it we have a big problem today, the food is grown very far from the place it is eaten, we want to change that. That is one of the reasons we use a lot that grows in our immediate area. Most of what we buy comes from local producers. We have plenty of good ones in Smaland.

We are proud of this and something we want to cherish. We want it to taste Småland and most preferably Hult when we serve our guests.

Not throwing away any food is also an important issue for us, our goal is to cut food waste completely. We are not there yet but very close. If you want to know more about how we work with this part, feel free to ask.

We serve our food on porcelain, not cardboard plates and our cutlery is not plastic.

Another thing we have also decided to do is not to waste water. In our accommodation, for example, we have chosen to have smaller hot water heaters – you can shower, but not for an hour.
We use dry toilets, why use drinking water to flush the toilet, we think? We have nice fresh spring water in our business and that is what you are served if you order water, not bottled water that is transported by trucks many many miles.

Want to hear how we think about sustainability and the environment – click on the image below.

We have set our goals for how to work with sustainability in our company – in all areas and we gratefully accept tips and thoughts. This is an active process that is not complete yet but we have chosen to include it as a basis in our business and it feels very good.